Smog Inspections

       We smog all vehicles from 1976 through to present. Smog prices are very competitive… 2000 and newer vehicles are separated from 1999 vehicles from pricing… 1995 and older vehicles are all pre-tested prior to the actual test (price included). If you fail here at Alternative Auto you will be fully informed as to what must be done next to get your vehicle to pass smog. We are very competitive in our smog diagnosis, pricing, and our shop rate. We are a small shop, highly honest, completely fair… All smog are scheduled between 8:30 am and 12:30 pm daily. If you are trying to save money and are mechanically inclined, Alternative Auto will work well with you. I work with many customers to help save them money and get their vehicles repaired. Many shops, for various reasons do not welcome older vehicles. We however, are not that way. Let us help with your older vehicles to get it through and even run better than it ever has.

Smog Check Services:

  • Regular Smog Check
  • Diesel Smog test
  • Out of State Smog Checks
  • Smog Check Repairs
  • We smog test all vehicles including Motorhomes/RV’s
  • Fuel Injection Service/Repair


Smog Check Q&AMore information on smog checks.

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